Q: Does it take duty?

A: By establishment of more than 99%, it does not take a duty so far.

In the case of the product price more than $150, it seems to have possibilities to rarely take a duty by shipment of one once (for random inspection).
It is often found that the taxation becomes around 10% (duty + consumption tax) of 60% of the product price.
A delivery supplier (post office) performs the import procedure, but a case to be assigned to fees about duty, consumption tax, them by a product, purchase amount, a delivery method is rare on this occasion.
In case if the customs in your country ask you to pay the tax the you will have pay it as
these rates are not included in the product price.

Q: Can you pay in arrears?

A: Because it is Personal Import you cannot pay in arrears. The order needs to be placed and the payment needs to be made and the processing of order begins.

Because we send the parcel through EMS or registered Airmail we cannot avail the option of Cash on Delivery

Q: First time from and I am worried?

A: We do understand that purchasing from foreign countries for the first time creates worries.

We assure you that when we get the payment into our account we will send your product in the next 5 working days and then E-mail you the tracking number. In case if the order will take time to be sent we will inform you by E-mail of the delay.

Q: Baggage lost in Transit?

A: It is very rare that baggage gets lost during transit and as we send you the tracking numbers you can keep an eye on your parcel every day.


Q: Can you appoint arrival?

A: We cannot fix the arrival date for delivery as it is foreign parcel.

Q: For diabetes, which herb matches?

A: Because we are not doctors, I cannot answer such a question.

For your query you can consult some Ayurveda doctors or refer on the internet to various information’s and articles

Q: Can I give it to animal?

A: We recommend you not to try to give it to animals

Q: I want to sell a product to various people, is there the wholesale price?

A: You cannot sell the product to various people as the law does not allow it. All the products that you import are for personal use only and not for commercial sale..