Personal Import

Personal importing of Indian product

Personal Importing is said to be that "an individual purchases goods and products from a foreign country for his/her personal use only through various means like e-commerce, Mail order, etc". 
Saffron Road acts like a representative that helps you buy an Indian product directly from India (do-it-yourself importing).
When the person imports the products he declares that it is for his personal use and not for commercial sale as the law does not permit it.
There are certain limitations to each and every country for personal import so please check your country laws and regulations before ordering.

About a duty

In the case of the product price more than $150, it seems to have possibilities to rarely take a duty by shipment of one (for random inspection). 
It means that the taxation becomes around 10% (duty + consumption tax) of 60% of the product price. When it takes a duty, a visitor (personal importer), please do correspondence, payment. The taxes are not included in the price.

1% of reports that  do-it-yourself importing of a conventional place, the product of the saffron road, and a duty depended on are within it.

Outbreak of being careful and the cancellation fee of the receipt

A post office performs the delivery. For international mail, I cannot appoint a delivery date, the time.
Because it becomes the person delivery by hand by the handling of EMS or the aviation registered mail, in the case of absence, "an absence notice" is mailed in communication with the nearest post office. Because a storage period at the post office is approximately one week, please inform the post office of the re-delivery request immediately.
When a deadline for storage passes, the parcel is returned to India. After having had the parcel arrives at India basically and pay the postage from (normal approximately one month) when you want re-shipment, we can send it out again.

After shipment complete from India, I will inform you the baggage number of the parcel by an email.